The Cabinet Of Dr Blessing By Jack Rollins

The Cabinet Of Dr Blessing

By Jack Rollins

First of all I`m very upset with Mr. Rollins…he hasn’t finish the series yet, it was like someone pulled the rugs out from under me, the book has been building and building then you turn a page and it is continued in Part 4.  Damn, the story is written so well that you are drawn into it at the very beginning and when you think you have it figured out it goes into a totally different direction.

It is a new twist on a very old story line which I didn’t think could be done.  The creature is hideous and deadly something only a parent could love.  And that is Dr Blessing’s downfall, that and his dedication to healing the sick.  The story takes place in Victorian London told in the old penny-dreadful style which I love and makes the story even more scary in my opinion.  He has written a fast pace, bloody, gory, don’t read in the dark alone, horror story that won’t disappoint even the hardcore horror reader.

Mr. Rollins has written a truly remarkable scary book and I think it would make either a great movie or TV series.  He has creatated strong characters, some likable and some you would shoot on slight.  What he accomplished in the characters is that you can identifiy with them, whether it is to dislike or someone that you care what happens to them.  The background is original and believable, he has done his homework for all the details of old London, the people, the social clicks, and their homes.  His description of old London and the town people don’t leave you lacking on what it was like to walk the cobble stone streets.  Magnificent…Bravo!!

I would give this book five skulls (that is excellent in my opinion) and would recommend to everyone that wants an adventure that will put goose bumps on you and give you nightmares.


One thought on “The Cabinet Of Dr Blessing By Jack Rollins

  1. Reblogged this on jack Rollins and commented:
    A lovely, thoughtful review of “The Cabinet of Dr. Blessing”. Many thanks Melissa and let me assure you I’m working hard on the next instalments of Dr. Blessing. You are going to love what comes next!

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