A Halloween Book Launch Party Like No Other

The Seance: A Gothic Tale of Horror and Misfortune
By Jack Rollins

This chap book was a fun and scary journey into the evil depth of Hell and I loved it.

This is a gothic tale of horror and misfortune per the cover…I would call it a gothic tale of insanity and dark sinister manipulation. I enjoyed this story and I had to look around a few times to ensure I was the only one in the house, maybe I should read with more or brighter lights. It is well written and I love the Old English Sherlock Holmes’ feel it has. When I am reading this type of story I think that the Old English time frame will either be a victorian romantic type story or a Jack The Ripper type…cut you open and see your insides slide out type story. This is the latter.

I like the way Mr Rollins starts the story and builds on it so the charters back ground is given and moves forward at a good pace. He doesn’t impede their story with unnecessary information that can make a story move slow and the reader gets unintested. There is plenty of action and globs of blood and terror.

The only thing I disliked about the story is that I want more, hopefully he will write a sequel to this book.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants a fresh story line and likes to be freaked out. It is a short read that gives you a big novel story. I mean what can you lose, a little time and perhaps your mind!!!

This is the first book I have read of Mr. Rollins’ and it was so stupendous I am going to start on his “The Cabinet of Dr Blessing”, I think the title alone is intriging. I’ll let you know how I like it. His books are on ebooks and in print.

Jack Rollins

Halloween saw the launch of my new gothic Victorian horror novella, “The Seance”. This title also marked the first new publication from Dark Chapter Press. They have posted a lovely summation of the night’s festivities and I’m glad. It saves me the job of doing it. I did enough typing last night!

Last night’s online book launch for Jack Rollins’ “The Seance” was a total success. With loads of indie authors offering their books as prizes to help Jack along the way, he hosted the launch for 4 and a half action packed hours (instead of the 2 hours initially planned).

Building up the launch in the days preceding the main event, Jack had invited guests to follow his twitter account at https://twitter.com/jackrollins9280 and his Facebook page to build up the number of copies of “The Seance” he would add to the draws on the night.

Guests were also invited to register details…

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